Reader responses to last week's article on science and atheism:

"I am perfectly aware of all the arguments against religion. In fact, I agree with most of them! There is no question that there is an objective, material reality. I'm also absolutely convinced that only a secular society can be truly equal and just.

And yet, I believe. I am, as they say, a person of faith.

Religion, to me, is not about distorting observable reality with superstitions, but about *transcendence*. It's not about deluding ourselves that the Earth is 6000 years old or God will help us if we say the right words inside our heads, but about reaching out to the Sublime. This is not a rejection of reason, but its application to a set of experiences that cannot be approached by more traditional means.

True engagement with religion is humbling. It transcends culture, nationality, and gender. As such, I think it goes hand in hand with science, and is not opposed to it."

- Dr. Omar Gharib, Institute for Applied Noematics