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Useless Secrets

Infinite Monkey

This is categorized as "Useless" as there is no known use for this secret, its found on a hint island, back a cascade.

It is a monkey, with a infinite symbol, without posible interacting.

Infinite Monkey -SPOILER-.png


This is also useless, its discovered in world B and its finded back the teleporter, after interacting, a message will say that we arent allowed to enter, inside a level, in the place for calling for a mesenger help, you will find something that you can interact with, it will dissapear and then, after interacting with the wall, you will fall to a cinema, in the back you can on the movie, after it, the movie will finish (after 2/3m) and the doors will open, after using the teleporter back the door, you will be back on the level

If you enter again, the door with remain open, and the teleporter still working without needing of getting the movie on.