User: Nadya Sarabhai

Entry: 982

AppLicense: XC43G5678SS4G

Tags: none

Everything's dark and quiet. The stars are brighter than I've ever seen them. I can hear the faint sound of water high above. Inside, Alexandra is recording one of her time capsule messages while running tests on the scenario module, Arkady is uploading another batch to the Archive while muttering something about the MLA program, and Omar is sleeping on the couch we put up yesterday.

And I'm sitting here, writing this, having trouble believing that it will ever end, that this oddly peaceful existence of ours won't just go on forever. I look at Talos and EL and their purpose seems like something that's always going to be in the future, an ideal to work towards, not something that will become real.

I wonder if there will be quiet places in the simulation, places to rest without thinking about the future. I hope so. Everyone deserves some moments of peace.