From: Nadya Sarabhai

To: IAN Mailing List

Subject: Progress Report 32

We've gotten to that irritating point where all the major stuff is in place, and all we have to deal with are a million little things.

The main modules are all functioning and interacting with each other correctly. The process is happening more or less as planned. This could actually work.

But it's still crude as hell. Some of it's just surface stuff (like the random usernames), some of it's more worrying (various bugs, the fact we haven't run more extensive tests). We've got a lot of polishing to do.

With the team down to half the original size, I'm not sure we can actually finish everything that needs to be done. So what I'd really like to discuss tomorrow morning is a new set of priorities. Please put some thought into what you think must be finished at all costs.

- Nadya

PS Alexandra, get some sleep. I know you're still working. This is your baby, we're going to need your input tomorrow.

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