From: Alan Jameson

To: IAN Mailing List

Subject: Thank you & goodbye

We sincerely hope you don't take our suicide as a sign that we were disappointed in you, unappreciative of your friendship, or in any way unhappy with our lives. Looking back, we can honestly say that we feel incredibly lucky to have known all of you and to have participated in this amazing research. And if we've contributed a little to the future of humanity, what can we feel but gratitude?

It is a true privilege to have had such insights into the nature of the mind; neither of us believes in God, but we certainly experienced a sense of awe that could be compared to a kind of religious feeling, at least according to Einstein's understanding of God. We've chosen to go now, together, because it means less suffering; one last beautiful day together seems a much better ending than a slow wasting away. In a sense, it's just mathematics.


Alan & George