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Land C (or Zone C), also called the Land of Faith, is the third and last of three sub-lands found in the Garden of Worlds. It's filled with medieval stone ruins and chilly wooden forts. Here, the player can choose whether he wants to finish the game by walking through the Gates of Eternity and ascending with one of the endings or to continue the game (while the game DOES reset you to A-1 after ascending, you are able to load a previous savegame made before entering the Gates of Eternity, making it possible to still play the game).

The Church

The Hub of Land C

The Hub of Land C is a giant church. It ties into one of the main themes of the game: faith. Here, the player can choose whether they have faith in Elohim and believe his words, or if they want to defy him.

The Gates of Eternity

Gates of Eternity Closed.jpeg

At the end of the hallway of the Church stand The Gates of Eternity, which are the pathway to the First achieveable ending. They are an almost identical copy of the holy door at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and only open after completing every Area in the first three Lands.

Area C-1

This area is set on two islands, one of which has a castle on it.

Area C-2

Area C-2.jpg

Area C-3

Area C-3.jpg

Area C-4

Area C-4.jpg

Area C-5

Area C-5.jpg

Area C-6

Area C-6.jpg

Area C-7

Area C-7.jpg

Land C
WorldC HUB.jpg
  • C-1 (Red A.png Red H.png Red Z.png Red J.png Star.png)
  • C-2 (Red A.png Red O.png Red S.png Red Z.png Star.png)
  • C-3 (Red A.png Red O.png Red J.png Red Z.png Star.png)
  • C-4 (Red H.png Red A.png Red S.png Red A.png Star.png Star.png)
  • C-5 (Red H.png Red O.png Red O.png Red A.png Star.png Star.png Star.png)
  • C-5 (Red S.png Red J.png Red O.png Star.png)
  • C-7 (Red A.png Red O.png Red A.png Red L.png Star.png)
  • C-Messenger (Help from S3L4phiel v27.4.8453f)
  • B-Challenge (Gray S.png Gray O.png Gray L.png)