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Land B (or Zone B), also called the Land of the Dead, is the second of three sub-lands found in the Garden of Worlds. It's filled with Egyptian architecture, such as pyramids, tombs and a Sphinx.

The Tomb


The hub of Land B is a giant tomb, covered in sand.

In the middle of the tomb, there is a small structure, surrounded by pillars, that holds the Fan and the Playback items, which can be aquired after obtaining all required Sigils.

Area B-1

Area B-1.jpg

Area B-2

Area B-2.jpg

Area B-3

Area B-3.jpg

Area B-4

Area B-4.jpg

Area B-5

Area B-5.jpg

Area B-6

Area B-6.jpg

Area B-7

Area B-7.jpg

Land B
  • B-1 (Yellow L.png Yellow Z.png Yellow S.png Yellow A.png Yellow A.png Star.png)
  • B-2 (Red L.png Yellow A.png Yellow S.png Yellow Z.png Star.png)
  • B-3 (Yellow A.png Yellow J.png Red L.png Red A.png Star.png)
  • B-4 (Red A.png Red L.png Green A.png Green J.png Red A.png Red L.png Star.png)
  • B-5 (Red H.png Red L.png Red S.png Green J.png Red Z.png Star.png)
  • B-6 (Red H.png Yellow A.png Yellow L.png)
  • B-7 (Red H.png Red J.png Yellow H.png Yellow O.png Star.png Star.png)
  • B-Messenger (Help from Barachiel_X v16.3.2789f)
  • B-Challenge (Gray L.png Gray L.png Gray S.png)