From: J.E. Harrison

To: Gnomey77

Subject: LOL

Ever since we moved to the new site, I feel funny. No, not in *that* way. Just... I feel like I'm about to start laughing at random. It's probably shock, right? An inability to deal with reality?

Or maybe it's just that we're working in this insane place with this insane technology on this insane project and so I feel like a genuine mad scientist. 

Stand aside, mortals! We will create LIFE! By the power of SCIENCE!

I mentioned this to Alex and she got me a pair of fake glasses. "You can't be a mad scientist without glasses," she said. "Even Ian Malcolm had glasses." And I pointed at EL and said "Life, uh, finds a way."

Maybe you had to be there.


J.E. Harrison

Institute for Applied Noematics

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