Disgruntlomeister's Blogstasy, Episode 204

I don't know about everybody else, but I'm afraid of dying. I don't see any reason to believe there's an afterlife. I'm an organism like any other: when my brain stops working, my consciousness will cease, and I will be gone. And you know what? I can't just embrace that. I can't say I'm OK with it or I've accepted it or some nonsense like that. I don't want to have an ending. It terrifies me. If I had a genie right now, I'd wish for immortality. Who wouldn't? "Oh, but you wouldn't REALLY want to be immortal," the pseudo-philosophers say. Pretentious drivel! Everybody wants to live forever. Maybe everybody deserves to live forever, too.

But we can't, so here we are. Live with it.

Or rather, don't.