From: Frank Ngatai

To: Miles Ngatai, Dan Ngatai

Subject: IAN!

My first day at the Institute for Applied Noematics. On the way to work, I'm terrified. What if they don't like me? What if they're all geniuses and I'm a complete buffoon? Maybe they were just kidding about letting me work there?

Trembling, I walk in, and right at the entrance there's a life-size poster of Jeff Goldblum. What the hell?

Then I get it. Institute for Applied Noematics. IAN. Dr. Ian Malcolm from the Jurassic Park movies. Jeff Goldblum.

Dr. Sarabhai shows up, smiling. "We were trying to find a cool acronym, back when the Institute was founded," she says. "INAN? IAPN? INAPNO? It all sounded stupid, but we didn't just want to call it IAN, because, well, that's a name. Then someone made a joke about calling it JEFF, and... it kind of stuck. So we're officially called IAN, but if you hear anyone referring to JEFF, that's our... internal name, I guess. I know, I know. Bloody geeks."

After that conversation, I wasn't so scared anymore. :)

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