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Quote QR.png | You stand before the Gates of Eternity. When all your trials have been overcome, the gates will open and you will be granted life everlasting.

– – Elohim, when first stepping in front of the Gates of Eternity.

The Gates of Eternity are the gateway to the First Ending. They are located in Land C and become accessible after completing every Area in every respective Land, bar the Tower.

The Gates of Eternity after finishing all Areas

They look like the picture on the right before the Areas are completed. After clearing every area, they open up, as shown on the left.

The Gates of Heaven, after walking through the Gates of Eternity

Upon entering the Gates of Eternity, the player spawns upon a cloudy way that leads to the Gates of Heaven. After passing through them, a terminal is waiting to be accessed. If done so, the player's choices are


Chosing the first, will get you the First Ending; the second option will let you leave to go back to Land C, so that you may continue your journey after your liking.

Leaving this place does NOT void your future entrance to the Gates of Heaven. You are still able to enter them at any given point; entering them after stepping onto the final platform of the Tower grants you the achievement "Changed My Mind".

Real life

The Gates of Eternity are directly modeled after the Holy door at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. However, some of the panels have been changed: No. 2, 11, 12 and 15 have been either changed or replaced by other panels. This might be due to the fact that on some, the original depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Embedded into the door are 16 bas reliefs, portraying certain scenes from christian history.

[1]The original holy door at St. John's Basilica in Rome.

They specifically "portray scenes of man's sin and redemption through God's mercy:

1. Through disobedience Adam and Eve turned away from God and happiness and were chased from the garden; Mary receives the announcement of salvation from the angel and directs humanity back to God.

2. Through Baptism, Jesus permits us to join his People; he comes to seek us when we stray from him, as the shepherd goes in search of his lost sheep; he awaits our return and welcomes us at the door, as the father welcomes the prodigal son; he cures those who are paralyzed sin.

3. Jesus opens the door of new life to the woman who is sinful but can love; Jesus tells Peter says that one must forgive seventy times seven times. Jesus trusts anew in the man who promises fidelity and then denies him; Jesus opens the door of heaven to the thief who calls on him.

4. Jesus unlocks the heart of doubting Thomas to the faith; he gives his Spirit to the Apostles to enable them to forgive sins; he tumbles Paul from his horse and suddenly opens up a whole new world to him; he knocks at everyone's door and waits for us to open it."[2]


I am the gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved.

–Jesus, John 10:9

"A Holy Door ... is a visual symbol of internal renewal, which begins with the willing desire to make peace with God, reconcile with your neighbors, restore in yourself everything that has been damaged in the past, and reshape your heart through conversion."[3]