From: Rob Maclean, Institute for Applied Noematics

To: Mom

Subject: Coming Soon: Your Son! In 3D!

Hi Mom,

I promise I'll be home soon. Maybe a couple of weeks? I know, I know… but what we're doing here is important, and the team needs my help. I’m not going to wait until it's too late, I promise, but there’s so much we have to set up, so much that has to work for a very, very long time…

Besides, I’ve always wanted to work on one of these supercomputers, and believe me, EL is pretty much the best there is. And the team, mom… it's like I'm working with rock stars and mad geniuses. Except nobody's heard of them outside of science journals, of course. But Dad would be totally geeking out if he knew!

Maybe I can tell him about it soon, huh?