Dear Ms. Drennan,

I heard about your project - it's the talk of the scientific community - and I'd like to make an argument for why you should abandon it.

It's not that I think your idea won't work. It very well may. But we have to look beyond purely practical questions to the issue of morality. Especially at this turning point of our spiritual ecology.

By what right can we put living beings through all that suffering, just so they can serve our purposes? Why create these pale imitations of our fatally flawed species and force them to reenact our sordid history? Why &$&//

What you are building, Ms. Drennan, is a prison - even if there is a way out. I believe you mean well, but your idea of what is valuable is rooted in the dogma of Western civilization.

We're lucky enough to be able to end our global crime spree relatively painlessly, if you consider the harm we have caused the Earth. Why not be satisfied with that and let this planet go on in peace?

I hope you heed my words, and let your "Talos" bleed out before it's too late.


Chellis Jensen