Nadya Sarabhai AMA

As one of the founders of the modern science of Noematics - many credit you with inventing the term itself - how do you see the state of the science today? Sorry I said science twice.

Nadya Sarabhai: Mixed. On the one hand, the existence of the Institute for Applied Noematics and a couple of similar organizations is highly encouraging. On the other hand, the degree to which science is seen as serving purely military or corporate causes is, in my opinion, stopping us from exploring many important avenues of research. In a sense, it's people like Alexandra Drennan who are the real pioneers today, who have the enthusiasm and dedication that the system as a whole seems to be lacking.

Do you think technology poses a danger to humanity?

Nadya Sarabhai: No. Technology is just a tool. What we do with it is up to us.

The Extended Lifespan Project. Crazy or visionary?

Nadya Sarabhai: Both!

Arkady Chernyshevsky. Crazy or visionary? :D

Nadya Sarabhai: Both! (Arkady, is that you?)

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To: Alan Jameson

Subject: Re: Scenario Gen</

So far, all the puzzles are solvable, and completely within the necessary parameters. Alexandra had some more tweaks she wanted to suggest, but I think we're heading in the right direction here.

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