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This is the third area of Land A. In this area, the hub is surrounded by a circlular basin, filled with water. The basin itself is surrounded by pillars, labeled with consecutive roman numbers.

Your rewards are Yellow A.png, Green Z.png, Red L.png, Yellow A.png and Star.png(2x).


A bit tied up

A bit tied up.jpg

Reward: Yellow A.png

An escalating problem

An escalating problem.jpg

Reward: Red L.png

Locked me up, swallowed the key

Locked me up swallowed the key.jpg

Reward: Yellow A.png

Stashed for later

Stashed for later.jpg

Reward: Green Z.png


There are 2 stars hidden in this area.

Star 1

Star 2

The second star is more difficult to get to.


QR code yielding a hidden message

At the hub, there is a QR-code that displays no text when hovered over. Scanning this code returns the following text:

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED 31 39 36 39 2f 30 37 2f 32 30 20 32 30 3a 31 38 Now is the time of tranquillity, and I shall rest and observe the Earth.


The seemingly random letters and numbers 31 39 36 39 2f 30 37 2f 32 30 20 32 30 3a 31 38 are actually plain text written in Hex-Code (Hexadecimal-Code). Converting the hex-numbers into text, the result is

1 9 6 9 / 0 7 / 2 0   2 0 : 1 8

This is a reference to the Appollo 11 mission, the first successful mission that landed humans on the moon on the 20th of July in 1969 at 08:18PM / 20:18.

The eagle has landed

is directly quoting Neil Armstrong.

The clock on the backside of the stone

Taking a closer look at the pillars, you will find out that they are each numbered with consecutive roman numbers, ranging from I to XXIV (1-24); one pillar for each hour of the day. Every pillar also has a button, located below the number at around head height.

On the backside of the stone with the QR-code there is an analog clock that helps finding the needed pillars.

The numbers needed for the star are 20 and 18, for the time the spaceship landed.

The number 20 in roman numerals is XX, which is the first pillar that you need to press the button at. The number 18 in roman numerals would be XVIII or XIIX, however, this will not work because the numbers only range from 1 to 24 (hours), while the range of minutes is from 0 to 59. Looking at the clock, it becomes apparent that the next roman numeral we need is VII, because it's located between 15 and 20 minutes (15 being VI, 20 being VIII and the numbers in between being VII).

The "20" pillar (XX)

The VII pillar, resembling 18 minutes


Now, all you need to do is to press the button on the first pillar (XX) and then the one on the second pillar (VII). If you accidentally pushed the wrong buttons, you might want to still press the two buttons that are needed. If this does not work, try going back to the temple and returning to A-3.

You will hear a contraption moving and water being drained. Turning around, you will see that a staircase will open up in the floor (this might take a few seconds). Going down, you will find a star.

The staircase in the ground

Written Information

The terminal located at this worlds hub contains the following Pieces of written information:

Land A
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