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This is the first area of Land A, and your introduction to the game.




 (Reward: Yellow A.png)

Only the Two of Us

Only the Two of Us.jpg

 (Reward: Green J.png)

A Switch Out of Reach

A Switch Out of Reach.jpg

 (Reward: Green Z.png)



 (Reward: Green J.png)

Striding the Beaten Path

Striding the Beaten Path.jpg

 (Reward: Green J.png)

Trio Bombasticus

Trio Bombasticus.jpg

 (Reward: Yellow L.png)

Poking a Sleeping Lion

Poking a Sleeping Lion.jpg

 (Reward: Green I.png)



There is one star in this area. You may find hints to its location below.

  • [Spoiler] General area:Look in the areas around barred gates. One is very slightly different. Try looking around there.
  • [Spoiler] Area:Okay, this one is rather cheap. Just before Only the Two Of Us there is a gate. Look around the side of the gate to find the switch.
  • [Spoiler] Tool:Ah, but now you need to get rid of that energy wall. If only you had a jammer...
  • [Spoiler] Breaking it down:Go back to where you first learned about jammers, and probably died. Look for a ladder and climb over it. Here's the jammer, and the other one's around the corner! Now you just need to get that jammer over to the star, using the tools you've learned.


Looking to do something difficult for no reward at all? Why don't you try some of these?

Written Information

The terminal located on the path leading to this worlds hub contains the following Pieces of written information:

Land A
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